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9th Street Renovation

9th Street Renovation

Client Review: gprocanic  

“When our tenants gave notice in April that they were leaving, it was unexpected. We knew that our 1940’s duplex would need work, and we also knew that it would not be easy finding the right contractor for the job. Our search focused on contractors knowledgeable in projects like ours, older homes with small spaces. We reached out to multiple firms and received three proposals. We ultimately decided on Bremen Builders for our project.

Gil was just completing an addition to a duplex in our neighborhood. He invited us to look at the project. We liked the craftsmanship and how the design took advantage of available space. Gil’s concept for our project focused on opening up the space -- combining the small kitchen, dining room, and sunroom into a single space, adding a wrap-around deck that would become an outdoor room connecting to the new kitchen and dining space, and bringing in as much natural light as possible.

Gil made it a priority to complete the project as quickly as possible. Our property was upgraded with new infrastructure including gas, water, and electric. The kitchen and upstairs bath were completely renovated and a second bath added in the basement. New exterior windows replaced the 50’s style storm windows, original plumbing was re-routed, the basement and first level interior walls were completely rebuilt and fully insulated, the front entrance brick stairs were rebuilt, and there was landscaping. We received great value for the price -- it is a new house.

Gil brought innovations to the project. To accommodate access to the exterior basement stairway, a portion of the wrap-around deck was hinged so that it could be opened for full access to the basement when necessary. A high-efficiency heating and air conditioning system was installed in the attic which opened up the basement for a second bath. Sensors in the basement detect water and close valves in the event of a water leak. Access to the basement is through a hidden door in the living room that looks like a bookcase. The door is lots of fun, especially at Halloween.

Work was completed in early October, and the property was rented on the first day it was shown. Everyone who has walked through the finished project has been ‘wowed’ at the new look and impressed by the innovations and attention to detail. There have been many smiles, especially for the hidden door. Gil does not cut corners. His entire team treated our project like it was their project. They brought new life to an old Ballston duplex and made it special. The old house has a new look, a new personality, and a bit of an attitude. It will be around for many years to come.”

  • Location: ARLINGTON, Virginia