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CherryDALE Renovation

Cherrydale 1st Floor Renovation

Client Review: deweio  

“I used Bremen Builders for a full first floor reconstruction, and some additional work on the second floor. From the start not only was Gil professional, he was incredibly enthusiastic and patient. I had no real idea of what I wanted, so he presented me with 4 or 5 totally different floor plans...and tweaked the one I picked to my specifications. He never shied away from explaining things to me, sometimes multiple times, and he was always available to speak with me - even on weekends and evenings when I had time to really dig in and ask questions.

Once construction was under way, we found there was a leak from the 2nd floor bathroom into the kitchen - something that had probably been there for years, and would have gone undetected for a few more except we had opened up the kitchen ceiling. Together, Gil and I decided the best option was to get new plumbing while the kitchen ceiling was under construction rather than wait until the ceiling began to leak at some subsequent date...necessitating a reopening at that point.

Gil discovered that there was not a return air conditioning vent in the master bedroom and suggested he could re-route some vents to increase air flow and make the 2nd floor more livable in the summer - and it has worked amazingly well. In the living room, he listened to my concerns about how cold it was, and moved the vents from ceiling to floor - so the heat can rise in the winter.

Bremen's entire crew was amazing. Gil was the contractor and on site most days, but his team of builders, electricians, plumbers, drywallers, painters and even cleaners were professional, willing to work weekends (or not depending on my schedule), and each very good at their specialty. I would highly recommend Bremen Builders - each night I came home a new wonder greeted me - some days it was a crazy mess of construction, and some days it was a new counter, appliance or floor, but I always felt a sense of wonder...and I adore my new living space!”

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